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Belly dance

Belly dance Tallinn

Belly dance classes for beginners in Tallinn, Esperanza Dance School.

No wonder it is currently so popular – which woman would not want to feel herself as a mysterious oriental beauty and to wear a beautiful costume?

At oriental dance classes the trainer introduces you the basic techniques ("eights", "waves", and other shimmy belly, buttock and hip movements), arm movements and breathing techniques.

Belly dance combines rhythm, flexibility, grace, beautiful hands and hips dynamic movements. It also gives a lot of energy and positive emotions, creates a sense of lightness in the body, reduces stress.

Advantages of belly dance classes:

  • develops musicality, sense of rhythm and tact;
  • your movement becomes more graceful;
  • you achieve a beautiful body posture;
  • Your shape becomes more feminine, muscles get toned;
  • you will be convinced to be stronger than you think;
  • by participating regularly the classes, you will lose weight (if you are overweight);
  • at belly dance classes are toned also those muscles that are important for a woman to give birth, and it helps to strengthen woman's health;
  • you will feel a lot more confident.

Oriental dances teach to feel your body, enjoy the rhythms of beautiful music and just relax. No wonder it is very popular among women because belly dance can be learned at any age. Belly dance classes will help to improve flexibility, body posture, natural stretchability.

Belly dance will help you to feel free to express your feelings, attitude with movements and gestures. To be in dance – it means to live, experience the joy and happiness.


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  • 49€ (4 times a month)
  • 14€ - one lesson fee



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