Esperanza Dance School

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Dance styles

Various dance styles, professional trainers, excellent training conditions ― that`s all You need to be happy and fit!

Dance Sport Dance Sport

  • Dance Sport ― it`s a wonderful world! For adults going to our Dance School is an excellent hobby, for children it`s a school of behavior and a serious sport.

Wedding Dance Wedding Dance

  • Wedding Dance symbolizes compatibility and consistency of the bridal couple and provides additional beauty to Your important event!

Flamenco Flamenco

  • Flamenco dance is related to the fire - a passionate, emotional, and powerful expression.
  • Teacher Mari-Liis Velberg has been engaged in Flamenco over 10 years.

Solo Latin Solo Latin

  • Solo Latin is a popular Latin American dance program (salsa, bachata, rumba, cha-cha-cha, etc.), which is danced preferably without a partner.

Social Dance Social Dance

  • Social Dance creates a good mood, provides a moderate physical effort and creates a pleasant feeling of dance between the dance partners.

Reggaeton Reggaeton

  • You will feel free while dancing Reggaeton and gain maximum energy.
  • You can experience a real pleasure from moving and enjoying hot Latin American rhythms.

Belly dance Belly dance

  • Belly dance can be learned at any age. Oriental dance classes will help to improve flexibility, body posture, natural stretchability.

Zumba Zumba

  • Zumba offers you a lot of positive emotions and a beautiful figure!
  • It is practised without a partner.

Kangoo Jumps Kangoo Jumps

  • Kangoo Jumps training in special boots helps to strengthen different muscle groups, tones, gives energy and positive emotions.
  • With Kangoo Jumps you can burn about 1000 kcal per hour

Pro-Am Pro-Am

  • Private dance lessons with profesional in Tallinn
  • Pro-Am – is a couple dancing style with dancer-professional and novice-amateur dancing as a couple.