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About the school: Why are we the first?

A fascinating dance.
Movement that makes Your heart beat faster...
Svjatoslav Jushkov, The Head of the Dance School

Svjatoslav Jushkov, The Head of the Dance School

testSince 2005 a great team of the Dance School Esperanza has been training more than 200 people. The couples who are training in our dance school have achieved very good results by becoming medallists and being finalists at different competitions.

In 2014 were added new dance style categories ― Salsa, Zumba, Dance Fit. All the aforementioned styles were included to a new project ― Estonia's First Dance School! The project which incorporates the dance school and the charitable organisation.

In case You or Your child would like to dedicate oneself to dance, we are glad to help You!

We invite everyone to join our fiendly team and get acquainted with the wonderful world of dance which is connecting sports and art.

Why is Esperanza Dance School the best place for doing the dance trainings?

  • In our dance school are working only the dance specialists and former high-level athletes who are able to motivate students with their experience and high-performance trainings to get the best results.
  • Esperanza  ― it is the dance sport school in Tallinn which has got a licence issued by the Ministry of Education, on the basis of which the income tax 20% from the tuition fee shall be refunded.
  • In 2008―2009 the Estonian Dance Sport Association submitted to the Tallinn Sports Committee a raiting of Tallinn dance schools pursuant to their performance. According to that raiting Esperanza Dance School is among the best five schools in Tallinn! In 2009, in Estonia, 41 dance sport schools were registered.
  • The best training conditions: 3 halls designed in Studio-Style with modern technique and equipment, comfortable dressing rooms and showers.
  • Only the students of Esperanza Dance School get discount in the dance apparel shop Cadenza Dance Outlet.

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