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Mari-Liis Velberg

Flamenco dance teacher at Esperanza Dance School since 2017.
Instructs both group and private lessons.

Flamenko õpetaja Mari-Liis Velberg

  • Has been dancing flamenco dance since 2001
  • Birthday: 28th May

Education and higher education in dance:

  • Tallinn University, Social work department, BA in social work cum laude (graduated 2004), MA in social sciences (graduated 2006)
  • Tallinn University, Choreography department, Open University (2012-2013)
  • Tallinn University, Choreography department, Choreography, BA in humanities, cum laude (2013-2016)

Dance and work experience:

  • Participated in various dance courses in Estonia and in Spain (Granada 2012, Jerez 2019, 2020).
  • Experienced various others styles of dance and movement additonaly to Flamenco, for example: latin dances, yoga, gymnastics, classical dance, aerobics, qi gong, bailatino, social dancing, folk dance, show dance, improvisational dance, creative movement, 5 rhythm dance, modern dance, gispy dance etc.
  • Acted and danced for example in performances: „Mirr", „Thumbelina", „Arabella", „Unfinished business", „Carmen: Unpublished letters. Confession in dance" (dancer and director), ETV program „The Fist", youth performance „M.E.I.E." („US"), dance film „Toqui", dance composition „Archeotypes of Woman", participated in labyrinth theatre performances „Metamorphosis" and „Food for Gods". In various students´ performances.
  • Has been active with forum theatre and other community theatre methods since 1999. Organized many schoolings and community projects all around Estonia for children and adults. Participated in various courses of community theatre methods in Estonia and other countries. Forum theatre methdos include also many movement exercises. Directed many forum theatre stories/plays. Previously worked as social worker in Tallinn Family Centre (8 years). Led children´s show in radio.
  • Currently working in VAT Theatre as leader of educational activities, also freelance choreographer and dancer. Loves creative and improvisational dance (has led also show dance lessons for kindergarten kids and improvisational and flamenco dance educational workshops from kids to adults)..

Recognition and achievements:

  • 1st place amongst adults with Flamenco Studio Fiesta (dance Tangos de Granada) at Stage and nations´ Dance Festival (2019).
  • Prize of Mait Agu (Tallinn University, Choreography department). Scolarship commison wanted to recognize BA performance´s „Carmen: Unpublished letters. Confession in dance" personal and special concept and wholeness and highlight commitment during the whole study period in university (2016).
  • Nominee for Friend of Education of a Year (Aasta Hariduse Sõber) (Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, 2016) as leader of VAT Theatre educational activities.
  • Recognition for forum theatre work „Big Actions for Youth in Tallinn" („Suured Teod Tallinna Noortele"), recieved with Piret Soosaar (2008).
  • Second prize at university students´ competition of Estonian Academy of Sciences with Master Thesis on topic "Forum theatre´s applicable possibilities through the example of schoolviolence preventionwork" (2007).


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