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Luis Izzo

Trainner of Bachata & Salsa

Luis Izzo

  • Has been teaching for more than 18 years


  • His dance studies began in primary school when he was only 7 years old.

Dance Education:

  • Later he began his studies at the University of Guadalajara and opted to enter the folkloric ballet at
    the University of Guadalajara.

  • He discovered Latin dances, such as Bachata and Salsa, and began taking workshops and courses
    with professional teachers. After a long journey learning these dances, he began his classes in the
    city of Granada, Spain, where he took his last Latin dance classes, to later being an experienced teacher.


  • Special guest in Latin dance competitions, as a judge
  • Main choreographer for artists' music videos
  • Special guest at folk music events in Latin America
  • Works with Latin artists internationally
  • Invited to Bachata and Salsa festivals worldwide as a DJ or Dance Instructor