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Social Dance

Social Dance for adults

Social Dance course in TallinnSocial Dance is for those who do not know how to dance, or who have forgotten a lot of what has been learned during the dance courses.

Social Dance creates a good mood, provides a moderate physical effort and creates a pleasant feeling of dance between the dancepartners.

Compared to the Dance Sport, simple basic steps and movements are taught in the Social Dance classes. During the course four dances are taught: samba, cha cha cha, jive, slow waltz, viennese waltz, quickstep

Trainings take place in Mustamäe Dance Studio of Esperanza Dance School.


  • 49 eur / 4 trainings per month
  • 14 eur / 1 training

After finishing the Social Dance course, there is an oppotunity to continue dancing in Esperanza Dance School Hobby Dance groups which have been practised already for more than 4 years, and participate in competitions as well.

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