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Dance Fit

Dance Fit ehk tantsuline fitness algajatele. Fitness and dancing – what do they have in common? Both can be combined and it improves your physical form!

Combining choreography and aerobics – it is unique and exciting! What does dance fitness include?

Dance Fit i.e. dance fitness – is relatively new fitness training style, which has been created by connecting elements of aerobics and choreography (zumba, latino, hip-hop, strip-dance). One might say that it is dance aerobics, which makes your body healthier and stronger and at the same time helps to lose excess weight and, of course, gives you a good mood for the whole day.

This type of training is often reasonably called as dance workout for weight loss – indeed, you are dancing and losing weight!


  • 30 €/month
  • Single class - 10 €
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