Esperanza Dance School

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NEW! Creative and improvisational dance for women

Creative and improvisational dance for womenStarting from 4th of September 2018 Esperanza Dance School opens new group for creative and improvisational dance for women.

Workshops take place: Tuesdays at 18.30 - 19.30.

Lesson is in workshop form and include: Warm up, opening body for the movements; different creative exercises both individually, in pairs and groups. We practice different moving combinations . Each lesson has different construction. In lesson can be working and playing with dance combinations.

Movements can be from contemporary dance, but also inspired and elements from flamenco, gipsy dance, latin and Aftican dances. Its kind of a creative fusion.We use also different music.

The aim of the lesson is to open creativity and playfullness and aswell strengthen courage and freedom in movements.

For the future one of the aims is also to try out for the participants themselves, how movements and combinations, dance is born. Participants can pratice themselves how to create their little dance. Basis for that can come from moving, stories, topics etc.  So the workshop-lesson can have liberating influence, but it is not directly therapy, because activities will be of artistic nature.


It is not important to have previous dancing experiences before coming to this lesson. All women who have will and wish to express themselves through creative movement and dance.

Place for lesson: Esperanza Dance School, Tallinn.


  • 30 € month (4 trainings in month)
  • 10 € / 1 training