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Estonian Championships of 2015 in 10 dances: double victory

On March 21 the Estonian Championships of 2015 in 10 dances were held in the Sports Centre of Rae Parish.

The best results of Esperanza Dance School couples were the following:

Senior 1 and Senior 2 category:

1st place Oleg Sadyrev ― Tatyana Krylova 


Junior 2 category:

2nd place Daniil Bochkarev ― Ulyana Redchits

4th place Alan Aleksander Antriainen ― Alisa Dupik


Junior 1 category:

10th place Andreas Lepiste ― Anneli Lindam


Youth category:

8th place Mark-Emil Talivere ― Alice Melikova


Congratulations to the winners!