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Flamenko teacher Mari-Liis Velberg

Flamenco courses for beginners.

Flamenco is a culture with deep roots originating in southern Spain, which forms of expression are singing, dancing and guitar playing.

Dance is related to the fire - a passionate, emotional, and powerful expression.
It is like a journey into the world of the deepest emotions, returning from which a person feels oneself brighter, internally enhanced. Dance is intense and decent, the use of arms is expressive and a rhythmic tap-technique of legs is used.
There are various forms of Flamenco, which reflect different characters and emotions.

In Flamenco classes we will learn the Spanish folk dance sevillanase, basic steps and technique of Flamenco dances. Step by step we start the fire and power in ourselves that lies in Flamenco and in us - the dancers.

Teacher:  Mari-Liis Velberg has been engaged in Flamenco over 10 years and slightly shorter period of time in Gipsy Dance.

She has graduated from Tallinn University Faculty of Social Sciences and Choreography. In 2016 she produced in VAT Theatre a dance performance "Carmen's unpublished letters. Confession through a woman's eyes." as her bachelor's thesis in which she also danced herself. Further information and videos are available at:



  • 50€ per person (8 trainings per month)
  • 25€ per person (only lessons of technic, 4 trainings per month)
  • 10€ person per class
  • Private lesson option. More info: Turn on Javascript!


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