Esperanza Dance School

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Contemporary — a modern dance style which includes classical choreography and improvisational elements and flexibility. Practically every contemporary dance style performance is a little story about a dancer. This dance style allows you to feel free, feel your body and learn to control it.

During the trainings child`s inner tensions and stress will be reduced. Dancers learn how to move slightly, smoothly and feel a sense of freedom. Children will also learn how to do dance lifts while dancing in couples, which they really do like. Learning how to do dance lifts is useful for achieving better cooperation and understanding between the dance partners. Lifts in dance are very impressive. At the end of each training children do stretching exercises as well.

By practicing contemporary dance children learn:

  • to express themselves through dance
  • to play „a game“ in which everyone can express a created story through dance (such training is very useful in the development of the child's inner world, as well as getting rid of internal tensions)
  • to hold a proper body posture (a common problem the children struggle with nowadays)
  • to develop social skills, find new friends, to be more open-hearted
  • useful stretching exercises and lifts in the air with a partner according to the instructions by the trainer


Trainer - Ksenia Dorsh .



  • 35 € per month (4 trainings per month)
  • 10€ - 1 training

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