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Bollywood dance

Bollywood dance now in Tallinn!

Lets express our feelings in the form of steps
through Bollywood dance style.

Let's try something new in life and make it more
colourful. Bollywood dance comes from Bollywood movies.

Bollywood songs are very powerful, when Bollywood music hits on nerves you cannot stop yourself
from dancing. I can guarantee you guys you will see difference in yourself if you join me.

You will start loving your life more. Challenge yourself to start new thing in your life.

I promise you, you can do it! It's not very hard and in a very few day you can see change in yourself.

Watch and get inspired by Bollywood dancing on the YouTube channel of trainer and choreographer Anita Shrestha:

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  • 25€ (4 times a month)
  • 10€ - one lesson fee

Trainer and choreographer: Anita Shrestha


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