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New Afro House course in Tallinn already on 26.02.2020!

Afro House courses in Tallinn, Esperanza dance school

Courses of a new fascinating dance style starting at Esperanza Dance School in Tallinn - Afro House.

NB! New start date: 26/02/2020.

Everyone is welcome to participate in open class on 26th of February 2020 at 8PM.

This dance style is relatively new, originating from the 80s of the 20th century and currently has reached the exponential popularity. In that group we expect participants in the age of 17 years and older.

Have fun with Afro rhythm!


Cuduro (another title of Afro House) – is a energising mix of traditional African rhythms and modern electronic music. Angola is considered to be the home of this style, all movements are created by young people, so it is truly a lively dance, rhythmic and dynamic.

Why is Afro House so popular?

  • it can be performed alone or in a group;
  • it improves excellently coordination;
  • it improves a sense of rhythm;
  • the whole body is involved, face (emotions), you can dance even with your hair;
  • it relaxes and creates an inner sense of freedom;
  • you will have smile on your face until the end of the class.

Afro House – does not require any special dancing skills and flexibility. Despite this, it definitely ignites you emotionally. Imagine how exciting it is to dance to the modern rhythms the movements of African tribal dances! Their sense of rhythm is hypnotic, their movements are unpredictable and intriguing, and allows everyone to show their individuality.




You will not even notice the changes which take place during the classes.

First – it is the best way to avoid the autumn depression.

Second – it is a great exercise.

Thirdly – as there are no complicated elements, it can also be practiced by people who have no prior preparation, while:

  • it brings together people of all age groups;
  • listening to this music, you can not stand still;
  • it seems rather unusual, it is a new dance style;
  • it gives the opportunity to express yourself, create your own "moves";

If the classic ballroom dancing requires that the spine and feet are stretched, the African House will give a full sense of freedom. You will literally enjoy the rhythms and movements from the very first class. There is not a long way from theory to practice – just dancing!

Yakut Castanedo - Afro House trainer in Tallinn, Esperanza dance schoolAfro House can be combined with any dance style. It is a simple, enjoyable social dance style that is already popular at parties and discos! Its style elements have been taken over by the street dance dancers at hip-hop battles. About that dance style there's a lot to talk about, but it is better to join the class and personally try Afro House! Good emotions are guaranteed!

Your trainer will be Yakut Castanedo – one of the leading trainers of Esperanza Dance School. He pays a lot of attention to basic dance skills, in his class you just "feel your soul" in this dance style. You will not only spend time in the motivating company. You will get an energy boost, discover the history and basics of this dance style.


Register quickly for the class, because the number of participants is limited!


The course starts from 26 February, the first training will take place at 20.00

Classes will take place once a week on Wednesdays from 20.00 to 21:00 in Esperanza Dance School in Tallinn at Mustamäe Road 24.




  • 30€ (4 times a month)
  • 10€ one lesson fee